paint fence board with used motor oil

Pin by Doug Stainbrook on Useful Ideas Backyard, Fence design a "stain" for a privacy fence with a 50/50 mixture of Kerosene and used motor oil. Use a garden sprayer to "paint" the fence Fence, Arrow Necklace, Gar

used motor oil on fence panels - crazy or not? DIYnot Forums Surely a can of fence paint is preferable, as well as less hazardous. He seemed to think he was doing his bit for recycling I& 39;m not totally sure, but

using oil on fence posts Survivalist Forum Mar 8, 20 3 I have read a little about people coating fence posts with used motor oil to preserve the wood. I was thinking of using a brush to "paint" the oil

Does new engine oil preserve wood? Archive - The WoodenBoat Would oil based paints stick to the outside of oiled wood? start where the frames pass up through the covering board to form the bulwarks. Used motor oil makes a dandy co

Engine oil as paint? - Renovate Forums Dec 26, 20 Got a can of used engine oil in the shed. Sump oil used to be used extensively for preserving wood - most of those vertical board black Used motor oil is

Preserving un-treaded lumber outdoors GON Forum I built a fence aling the front of our property. Not decided if we wan& 39;t to paint it or not as the rough wood looks pretty good. On log houses, we use to mix 5 gal di

Staining Fences - lifestyleblock discussion forums - LSB I have heard that you can stain your farm fences with used motor oil? Just waterblast them, if necesary, paint with a good quality Lumber paint and you will get

Does oil and diesel mixed treat wood? - Feb 0, 2020 Can you paint a fence with engine oil? Probably because the oil is oil, and doesn& 39;t really physically change, so it never dries. It can sink into the

Diesel fuel and motor oil deck treatment - TractorByNet May 6, 20 3 The neighbors down the road swear by a mix of 50% diesel fuel and 50% used motor oil brushed on a wood deck as a great wood preserver.

Cedar Fence Stain: How to Select The Best A Complete Guide Jul 26, 20 9 Cedar fence stain is a type of paint product that can be applied to wood fence materials In truth… most cedar fence stains can be used on many different type

Keeping fence panels looking new - Page - Homes, Gardens and Sep 3, 20 9 I posted a similar thread about fence paint few months ago but the short list was: :Used car engine oil but it will be black 2.Liberon decking

How to Make Wood Stain With Diesel Hunker Diesel-based wood stain is a good preservative for wood fencing. Petroleum-based solvents such as diesel are used most frequently to stain and Measure out the boiled lins

Rot resistant wood stain? Asphaltum? Motor Oil? - by thoner7 Sep 2 , 20 6 I know old timers would soak their fence posts in used motor oil and We used a paint made of gal water and lb sweet lime and 3/4 cup of

Hazardous Materials - Monroe County Solid Waste Management Nearly every in the United States generates used motor oil. Automobiles Bloomington Police Department. East 3rd Use all leftover paint on odd jobs such as close

Hay wagon floor - paint, oil or ? - Machinery - HayTalk - Hay Jan 4, 2020 It has a wood floor, boards 3/4 thick perhaps. One missing. Not pressure One guy tells me he sprays his with used motor oil. I spilled some

Recycle Used Motor Oil and Filters - North Texas Municipal Water District It is also illegal to discard the used motor oil in solid waste. To make it easy for you to recycle oil and filters and dispose of other unwanted

Best wood protectant for trailer decking? - I wish I would have used the motor oil from when the trailer was new. Only bad part is I painted mine black with an outdoor house paint. Then I sparayed the That& 39;s ho

Fence Staining Made Easy - Extreme How To This is an oil-based semi-transparent wood stain and sealer in one. Ready Seal is a professional-grade product, but is formulated with unique “goof proof” features

Protecting Wood Fencing from Chewing Horses - The Resource Jun 2, 2020 Some of the things people try like old motor oil are toxic; don& 39;t use way to protect wood fences is to cover the posts, poles or boards with

Recycle Right A to Z - Miami-Dade County Chemicals used in the home: Home chemicals such as paint, pesticides, pool chemicals, fertilizers and other Fencing: Fence materials such as chain link, wood panels or gates .

Technical - Bed finish - used motor oil? The H.A.M.B. Sep 7, 20 7 Just bought a pine 9 board wood bed kit for my & 39;48 Chevy truck and was thinking about using some used motor oil for stain/finish. Not a restoration by F

Where is Material Accepted? - Baltimore County For more information, please call the Bureau of Solid Waste Management BSWM customer Do not recycle pesticide cans or spray paint cans, even if empty.

hydraulic oil for staining pt wood? - Community Apr 22, 2006 Recently heard a rumour that hyraulic oil can be used to stain pt exterior Decorating and Painting I have a section of fence behind the barn that I appl

Motor oil to Paint hive boxes Beesource Beekeeping Forums Jan 23, 20 I think that motor oil to paint hives would work as well as paint would work to lubri e We also used it to paint weathered boards on sheds. stream and

Ewing New Jersey - MCIA Hazardous Waste Disposal Day on Mar 8, 202 Boards. Arts Commission · Board of Condemnation · Board of Aerosol Cans Used Motor Oil Propane Gas Tanks Pesticides and Herbicides Car

Fence Painting Cost Cost to Stain a Fence - Apr 6, 2020 Average cost to paint or stain a fence is about $ 500 paint 200 ft. The process to paint a picket fence 2 is very similar to the process used to paint a

Hazardous Waste - Farmington Hills, MI Items that can be disposed of at HazMat Days include cleaners, oil-based paints, herbicides, insecticides, solvents, batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline,

Hazardous Waste Tyler, TX Household hazardous waste, in quantities 32 ounces or less, may be disposed Paint must be dried out before being placed at the curb to prevent the paint from Motor oil an

Search for material - How to recycle/dispose – Montgomery County fencing, metal fencing, vinyl fencing, wood fencing motor oil, used car oil, used engine oil, used motor oil paint latex/water-based , latex and water-based paints and s

Should I Paint or Stain My Wood Fence? - A- Fence Company Nov 29, 20 2 Of course the quality of the paint used will affect how long the paint lasts. Cedar, in particular, does not work well with paint. Paint doesn& 39;t allow ..

Can you use engine oil on fences? - Apr 23, 2020 If you do decide to apply this to your fence remember that motor oil is both Likewise, people ask, will used motor oil protect wood? The Real Milk Paint

Motor Oil Disposal - City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department will no longer provide curbside Used motor oil is a contaminant of waterways, so do not dump down the drain or trash. Center ESC Lo

Treated Fence Posts for Free - Modern Homesteading - MOTHER The story of an old time Texas homesteader who makes his own treated fence posts from cleared wood and used motor oil.

Water-Based vs. Oil-Based Stain For Wood Fencing Jan 7, 20 6 Wood that has been painted or stained before may repel oil-based stain products, leaving patchy areas where the color has not been absorbed

Recycled Carpentry - Engine oil as a finish - Google Sites Used car engine oil can serve as a preservation finish for outdoors wood projects. Online opinions are It would be great for outdoor walls, fences, ceilings, etc.

Household Hazardous Waste - City of Carlsbad Household cleaners. Insecticides Kerosene Lighter fluid. Mercury thermostats. Motor oil. Needles or lancets. Oil filters, Oven cleaner. Latex paint. Oil-based paint