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The WPC outdoor furniture basically solved the problem that wood easily gets rot and deformed after exposing to moist and water environment, it can be used in environment where traditional wooden products can not be applied. And WPC outdoor furniture is quick and easy-to-install with no visible fasteners that can pop-up causing safety hazards.

  • ST-100H25

  • ST-140H23-A

  • ST-140H23-B

  • ST-140H25-A

  • ST-140H25-B

  • ST-140S23-C

  • ST-140S25

  • ST-145H25

  • ST-146H21-A

  • ST-146H30

  • ST-146S19

  • ST-150H25-A

  • ST-150H25-C

  • ST-150H25-D

  • ST-150M22

  • ST-150S25-B

  • ST-200H25

  • ST-200S20

  • ST-200S20-B

With scientific mixture of materials and advanced techniques, the WPC is a perfect composite combined by natural fabrics and plastic. It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic. It has gradually replaced wood and plastic, getting widely used in more and more fields.

Its properties are outstanding: high strength, high stiffness, acid-and-alkali-proof, erosion-proof, non-distortion, formaldehyde excluded, easiness to recycle, color can also be customized as clients require, etc. And it can be made into several of sections and sizes. Actually, it keeps the processing performance and natural quality of timber.

Our WPC outdoor furniture can be found in patio, backyard, garden, school play areas, commons areas, parks, sport and recreation facilities both inside and outside. The uses are only limited by the imagination trail side, shopping areas, nature learning centers the potentials are endless. The WPC outdoor furniture is covered by a limited lifetime warranty for your comfort and peace of mind.

1.The structure of WPC Pavilion is independent and complete independence, in general small shaped and focused upwards. There are 3 pats: the roof, post and pedestal. Seen from every point of view in all directions, it is independent and complete, refined and lightweight, very suitable for garden requirements.

2. The WPC outdoor furniture is suitable for various sites, simple and flexible in structure, easy for construction and production, the construction is more free, flexible and the site suffered less constrained.

3. No strict requirements on the composition, satisfy the needs of the garden feature, you can patterning needs from landscape architecture space, the freedom to organize, to maximize their garden art features.

4. Various colors and type provided, which can meet all the requirements of different customers.

5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance.

6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical.

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