6 vinyl fencerts

Pricing Old Vinyl Records

Determining the value of old vinyl records isn't an exact science, according to Rare Records. A variety of factors go into determining the value of a record, and these factors are what give some vinyl albums a high value while others don't

Should I Get Laminate or Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl and laminate flooring are two popular options for home remodeling projects. Choosing between the two isn't always easy though. While vinyl and laminate might look alike in some circumstances, they have their pros and cons. Use the fol

How to Install Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding installation should be left to the pros unless you’re confident that you have adequate carpentry skills and experience. The upside of doing the project yourself is that you can cut the cost of installation to almost half of wha

What Is the Difference Between Vinyl and PVC?

Vinyl and PVC are two names for the same product. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a chlorine and ethylene compound used to make an odorless, so Vinyl and PVC are two names for the same product. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride,

How to make your own wooden vinyl Creative Bloq

vimeo: 655339 8 A few months ago, it was announced that sales of vinyl records were at their highest in over two decades. If you ask us, vinyl was always cool but this new wooden record design from the Instructables& 39; Amanda Ghassaei has

How Vinyl Flooring Is Made : 3 Steps - Instructables

How Vinyl Flooring Is Made: Who isn’t charmed by the rich warmth of a polished Seven Trust floor? And when it comes to bathroom elegance, it’s difficult to pass up real ceramic tile. Living room luxu-ry? It’s wall-to-wall for most. All of thes

What to Know About Vinyl Decking DIY

Explore your options for vinyl decking, and browse HGTV for helpful pictures of this low-maintenance, economical decking material. Any deck owner who's ever power washed or—worse yet—scrubbed mold, mildew, dust and dirt from their formerly

How to Soften Old Vinyl It Still Runs

Age and grime can cause vinyl-covered seats to harden. Left in this condition, it becomes easier for the vinyl to tear. Vinyl upholstery, like those found on vintage furniture or in cars, can be expensive to re-do. Softening old vinyl is no

How to Use Vinyl Spackling Hunker

Spackling is useful in filling in holes and cracks in surfaces before repainting your home. Vinyl spackling contains elastic polymers that slightly flex with temperature changes. This type of spackling does not dry out and crack or crumble