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breakfast. lunch. fresh pasta.

Open 7 days

Mon - Fri:  7.30am - 6pm (breakfast 7.30am - 11.30am, lunch 11.30am - 3pm)​

Saturday: 7.30am - 4pm (breakfast 7.30am - 1pm, lunch 11.30am - 3pm)

​Sunday: 7.30am - 3pm (breakfast all day, lunch 11.30am - 2,30pm)

Lunch Menu

If we don’t make it in house, then the chances are we buy it from a local producer who is as fanatical about flavour and freshness as we are.  We cook ‘from scratch’ preferring to make what we sell rather than buy in something ready made. 

download lunch menu pdf


mon-sat: 11.30am-3pm

sun: 11.30am-2.30pm 


Our specialty is fresh pasta made in house, using durum wheat semolina and free range eggs. You can choose your own combinations of pasta and sauce from the display if you like, or choose from the menu below which includes some of the deli favorites, as well as menu only dishes.


To order, simply choose:

pasta/ravioli + sauce + extras

pasta $16

• Egg Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Linguini, Spirals (V, df)
• Spinach Linguini or Fettuccini (V, df)
Eggless fettuccini (vgn, df)

ravioli $18

• Pumpkin and Walnut (V)

• Chicken, Ham, and Ricotta

• sweet potato and chestnut (vgn, df

• hand made potato Gnocchi (V, df)

(or choose pasta/sauce from display)


•  Bolognaise     (Classic based on slow cooked beef and pork mince)

Cream, Bacon, parmesan (Carbonara style)

Sage butter and wilted greens

Puttanesca - garlic, chilli, olives,capers, tomato (V)     (Served without anchovies, but ask and we’ll happily     include them)

Tomato and herb sugo (vgn, df)     (Tomato based sauce with garlic and herbs. Great base        for any extra)

• Chicken, wine and herb ragu  (minced chicken, white wine and herbs slow cooked in a tomato cream)


• Reggiano $1.50ea  
• Mushrooms (panfried with butter, garlic and verjuice).(V) $3
• grilled Chicken $3.50
• smoked salmon $4  

something else maybe...

• beef Lasagna and salad. $15   
• Salads:
   • Thai Chicken $15     
   • Sesame Beef (with grilled potatoes, red peppers, lemon and soy) $16.50
   • Nicoise (zebra style with spiral pasta, tuna, eggs, beans, tomato, olives, caper & mustard mayo) $11.50
• Bruschetta Italian salsa (toasted sourdough with garlic, diced tomato and veg, shaved Italian parmesan.) a great bruschetta base to add extra’s to..(V)$12

• Bruschetta Smoked salmon, tomatillo Mexican salsa verde, sweet corn, tomato $17

V-vegetarian      vgn-vegan
 gf- made with gluten free ingredients (see Note*)
df - made with non dairy ingredients (see Note*)

all prices include gst.   10% surcharge public holidays

Note: all products and pasta varieties may be altered depending on availability. all meals are prepared in areas where nuts, dairy products, gluten, mushroom, eggs and other products have been used. there will be traces of these foods, and other allergens, in our meals & products. please consult staff regarding any specific allergies. we carry gluten free noodles which may be cooked as above and substituted for the menu pasta if required though extra cooking time is needed. Pitted olives may still contain seeds or fragments. Please take care.