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Mon - Fri:  7.30am - 6pm (breakfast 7.30am - 11.30am, lunch 11.30am - 3pm)​

Saturday: 7.30am - 4pm (breakfast 7.30am - 1pm, lunch 11.30am - 3pm)

​Sunday: 7.30am - 3pm (breakfast all day, lunch 11.30am - 2,30pm)

Green Zebra is all about providing our fab fresh food for everyone.  And we recognise that, for many different reasons, not all food is for all people.  You'll never be looked down upon just because of your dietary needs. We aim to cater for everyone, and have alternatives available to suit most needs.  All our deli products have a full ingredient list.

A note on 'free'. You'll not see us claim any of our dishes are 'free' of anything.  The size of our kitchen, and the nature of particular ingredients (gluten comes to mind as it can be airborne and in our pasta making environment it will be everywhere) means that there will be traces of these things in all our food and products.  People with severe allergies must keep this in mind.



Vegetarian.  We offer a ton of great vego options.  To start, all our menu's have vegetarian dishes marked with a (v).  (and might I say, the vegetarian egg turkish on the breakfast menu has become an all time favourite!). There are also a great range of meat free ravioli, and sauces available to take home and cook from the deli.  Pumpkin and walnut ravioli is our best seller by far.   Plus, many of the daily specials are meat free.  

Vegan. Currently most of our pasta is made using eggs. Sure, they're local and free range, but still eggs.  We do also make an eggless fettuccini which is available on our lunch menu, and available to take home and cook also.  The sweet potato and chestnut ravioli is made using this pasta and is therefore suitable for vegans.  The flexible style of our breakfast menu means that there are many vegan options available (think of many of our 'extra's' on sourdough, or turkish toast for example).  We are working on more dishes that are exclusively plant based too..... 

Those who follow our instagram of Facebook feeds will have seen the steady increase in our plant based meals and specials.  We are committed to being the number one plant based food destination in our region.  

Dairy. All our pasta is made simply using durum wheat semolina, eggs and water.  Combined with selected tomato based sauces (thinking of Tomato and Herb, or Calabrese) provides great options to take home.  The sourdough bread we use is made without dairy products, so at breakfast there's a ton to choose from. Our scramble eggs are made with a touch of cream, and butter in pan, ordinarily, but can be made without these ingredients on request.  Our staff can assist with selection

Gluten. As mentioned above, the pesky nature of gluten means that there will be some, although minute, traces throughout. That said, we go out of our way to accommodate many gluten sensitivities.  We can cook gluten free pasta (with separate water and utensils) to mix with many of our sauces that are made without any gluten ingredients to provide a great tasting meal.  Ask staff for assistance

disclaimer (appears in store, and on all our menu's):  a meal's title, or description, isn't a full ingredient list! all products and pasta varieties may be altered depending on availability. all meals are prepared in areas where nuts, dairy products, gluten, mushroom, eggs and other foods have been used. there will be traces of these foods, and other allergens, in our meals & products. please consult staff regarding any specific allergies. we carry gluten free noodles which may be cooked as above and substituted for the menu pasta if required though extra cooking time is needed. pitted olives may still contain seeds or fragments - please take care.